Eltima Software Technology

Eltima Port Virtualization Technology is the unique solution to virtualize your serial ports. The technology may be integrated to any software or hardware interface.

Some of possible usage scenarios are:

  • Implement our software technology within your hardware solutionCreate virtual serial ports in the system
  • Work with remote USB and COM-port devices on the local network and Internet
  • Monitor and analyze all data flows among serial ports
  • Switch from hardware to software minimizing your expenses significantly
  • Make devices available in virtual environment and on blade servers
  • Support the devices over RDP when the devices are not supported out of the box

Eltima Software Developers are ready to meet all your requirements. They will provide you with the technology you need, so that you will get a competitive advantage compairing to all the players on the market. Your end-users will get the improved functionality, you will increase the profits and get new clients.

The main fields where EPVT is being used:

  • Cloud OS integration - the technology helps to work with USB and serial devices from the cloud
  • Point of Sales devices and software - the technology may be integrated to the hardware and software for POS to get all data to the single point
  • LIMS - laboratory management systems
  • Hardware Network Connectors - both serial and USB - integration to the device OS wil enhance its functionality
  • Vessel equipment
  • Farm management systems
  • OBD software - remote vehicle monitoring systems