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A complete guide to downloading Epson printer drivers

When the users bring home the new Epson printer in their home or working space, the first thing they struggle with is how they can get started with it. Well, using an Epson printer might be a daunting task for some and those who already have a printer might find it a very easy task. So, if you are someone belonging to the first category, then you have landed at the right place.

No matter which operating system your device is running on, this page has got you covered. In this document, we shall be discussing the method to download and install Epson printer drivers on Windows 7, Windows 10, and Mac devices. This step-by-step guide will also show you how you can troubleshoot some common issues with your Epson printers.

Install Epson printer drivers for Windows 7/8

In this method, we shall learn the manual method to install the Epson Printer drivers on your Windows 7 device:

  1. Tap 'Start', and go to the 'DEVICES AND PRINTERS' section.

  2. Then, select the 'Add a printer' option.

  3. Next, choose the 'Add a Local Printer' option.

  4. For the port, select 'use an existing port'.

  5. For the updates, select 'Windows Update'.

  6. From the list of known printers, select the model of your Epson printer.

  7. Wait for a few moments and then name your printer.

  8. If you want, print the test page and tap 'Finish'.

Download and install Epson printer drivers for Windows 10

  1. First, power on your printer by pressing the 'Power' button.

  2. Go to the website-

  3. Scroll down and hit the 'Download' button for Windows 10 32/64-bit.

  4. Now, tick the box next to the 'Agreement' and tap 'Next'.

  5. To install your printer, tap on the 'Install' option.

  6. Now, from the given menu select your product and tap 'Next'.

  7. Then, go to the 'Printer Registration' page and tap 'Next'.

  8. On the next pane, select 'Agree' and tap 'Next'.

  9. On the 'Register a printer to Epson Connect' screen, tap 'OK'.

  10. Sign up or sign in and then tap 'Close'.

Download and install Epson printer drivers for Mac

  1. Press the power button on your Epson printer to start it.

  2. go to its official website-

  3. Now, scroll down to find the driver download option for Mac.

  4. On the resulting screen, tap 'Continue'.

  5. Again tap 'Continue' and then select 'Agree'.

  6. Then, tap 'Install' followed by tapping 'Close'.

  7. From the given list, choose your printer and tap 'Next'.

  8. If you don't see the option to choose a printer, use the Mac 'Finder'.

  9. When the registration page opens, click 'Next' followed by 'OK'.

  10. Accept the 'T & C' and click 'Next'.

  11. If prompted, create a new account or sign in.

  12. On the final screen, tap 'Close'.

Epson printers troubleshooting

If your Epson printer has started giving you a tough time, then it is very important to troubleshoot it so that you can use your printer without any hurdles. Here we have listed some common issues with the printer along with the steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Epson printer printing blank pages/ Epson printer not printing

  1. Replace the old or low ink cartridges.

  2. Ensure to peel-off the yellow taping from the cartridges.

  3. Ensure you are using the correct paper type and size.

  4. Remove any blockage or clogs from the nozzles.

  5. Check the layout settings of your printer.

  6. Check for any blank in the preview of your print.

  7. Or, select 'Skip Blank Pages' in the 'Printing Preferences' section.

Fix Epson printer offline issue

  1. Open the Control Panel > Devices and Printer.

  2. Locate your Epson printer from the list.

  3. Right-click on it and tap 'See what is printing'.

  4. Here, turn off the 'Use Printer Offline' option.

  5. Else, uninstall and reinstall the drivers.

Guide to factory reset an Epson printer

  1. Turn off your Epson printer.

  2. Locate the 'Reset' button on it.

  3. Use a pointy object to press and hold down the reset button.

  4. When the warning page is printed out, release the button.

  5. This will reset your printer to its factory settings.

  6. And, the IP address of your printer is printed out.

Or, seek authorized Epson printer support

If you run into any difficulty while using your Epson printer or while installing the printer drivers on it, then you may seek efficient and professional Epson printer support from the experts. There are two ways to seek support i.e.

· Epson printer support live chat

· Epson printer support phone number

By dialing the Epson printer technical support number, you will be able to have a one-on-one conversation with the support executives. They will guide you on how to download Epson printer drivers or the methods to troubleshoot it.