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Laboratory for Quantum Gases at EPFL

The coolest place of EPFL !

Our laboratory explores the physics of atomic gases cooled down to ultra low temperatures, in the nano-Kelvin regime. We use these atoms to study the complex structures that emerge from the interplay of quantum interferences, interactions between the particles and geometry. Our activities are at the crossing of quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter physics.

Latest News

15.02.2024: Zeyang Xue starts his Master thesis in the group

01.02.2024: Michael Eichenberger starts his PhD on the Microscope experiment. Welcome !

22.01.2024: Take a virtual tour of the Fermi gas experiment here

13.11.2023: Jean-Philippe receives the 2023 Latsis University prize.

07.10.2023: Gaia recieves the Gilbert Hausmann prize for her Master project in our Laboratory. Congratulations Gaia !

07.10.2023: Jean-Philippe receives the 2023 Physics Teaching award. 

03.10.2023: Ekaterina and Francesca win a poster prize at the EPFL physics days, congratulations !

15.09.2023: Gaia Bolognini joins the Fermi gas experiment as PhD student

01.09.2023: Aurélien Fabre joins the Fermi gas experiment as post doc. 

02.08.2023: Welcome to Ekaterina Fedotova as PhD student on the Fermi gas experiment

13.07.2023: Jean-Philippe is promoted to associate professor.

05.06.2023: Giulia comes back for a few months as guest scientist on the Fermi gas experiment

24.05.2023: Our paper on density-wave ordering in a unitary Fermi gas got published. Read the paper in Nature

04.05.2023: Our paper on the engineering of random spin models with atoms and photons is now published ! Read the paper in Nature Physics