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Laboratory for Quantum Gases at EPFL

The coolest place of EPFL !

Our laboratory explores the physics of atomic gases cooled down to ultra low temperatures, in the nano-Kelvin regime. We use these atoms to study the complex structures that emerge from the interplay of quantum interferences, interactions between the particles and geometry. Our activities are at the crossing of quantum optics, atomic and molecular physics and condensed matter physics.

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Latest News

17.03.2022 : JP is awarded an ERC Consolidator grant ! Read the press release of EPFL here.

14.03.2022 : Our paper on vibration damping platforms for cavity QED experiments got published. Read the paper here.

28.01.2022 : Kevin defends his PhD, the first of the lab ! congratulations Dr Roux !

03.01.2022 : Giulia and Tabea join the group as post-doc and PhD student on the Fermi gas experiment. Welcome !

21.10.2021 : Tigrane leaves the group after three years of post-doc on the microscope experiment. Thanks for your work and a lot of success in your new position !

01.09.2021 : JP is elected at the board of the Swiss Physical Society, to represent Atomic and Quantum physics.

25.08.2021 : our paper Universal pair-polaritons in a strongly interacting Fermi gas appears in Nature ! Read the paper here

20.08.2021 : Francesca successfully defends her Master thesis about the Microscope experiment. Congratulations !

18.08.2021 : Samantha leaves the group after her internship. Thanks for the hard work !

21.07.2021 : Elvia Colella joins for one month as part of a collaboration with the group of Helmut Ritsch in Innsbrück. Welcome !

09.07.2021 : Our post-doc Hideki leaves the group today, for a junior PI position at Kyoto University. Thanks for your work on the Fermi gas experiment, and a lot of success in your new position !

15.06.2021 : Welcome to our new summer intern Samantha Koretsky

15.05.2021 : Nicolas Reiter finished her Master thesis on the Microscope experiment. Congratulations !

25.02.2021 : Francesca Orsi joins the group for her Master thesis, with a QSIT Inspire potential fellowship. Welcome to the group and congratulations for the award !

14.01.2021 : JP invited at the french speaking Swiss radio RTS to talk about 'Absolute zero'. Listen to the show here.

14.01.2021 : Blue fluorescence observed on the microscope experiment !