Flipped Learning

A "Brief" Introduction

This PD session will be done by a style known as "in-flipping" which can keep the process totally in the classroom if desired. Go to the pages you want and explore the ideas of flipped learning and what it might mean to move toward a flipped classroom. There should be more information than time to go through all of it so focus on the things that sound most interesting or that you connect with.

Two terms to consider:

Flipped Learning: A style of teaching/learning - the What is Flipped Learning page is dedicated to better understanding what it is. It is possible and already happening to have some lessons that are flipped learning without having a "flipped classroom."

Flipped Classroom: A classroom where flipped learning is the primary method of teaching and is designed to carry that out on a daily basis.

An Outline for PD Session

  • Introduction
  • 20 minutes of in-flipped exploration on this site
  • 10 minutes of small group free sharing
  • 10 minutes of small group guided sharing
  • Remaining time full group sharing and questions