HurricaneEye - ENTER THE VOID

The moment is a concentrated point in time; it never falters because it remains infinitely constant.

--Scholar Child

HurricaneEye makes mind-blowing music. Lyrical and musical integrity are at the core of our music. We've lived, loved, lost, and hopefully found our way in this crazy world. When it's all said and done, if it feels good to make the music, then that feel good feeling should transcend to the listener. We hope you can find something useful in our music, and then share it with the world.
Confusion strikes with the sense of urgency
Four riders approach its destiny
The winds of evil are upon us now
Uprise the king and the pawns shall fall
The knights are mounted and it’s do or die
The bishops are loaded and ready to fly
The queen is sleeping as night begins to fall
It is us - with our backs to the wall

--Scholar Child - Founder, HurricaneEye
HurricaneEyeMusic (at) gmail (dot) com