- Connect Device with your Amazon Account

Amazon is a global company that started as an e-marketplace for books and later started providing many services to its users such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Music, Amazon app store,, Amazon Prime, Amazon prime video, etc. It is one of the world's largest e-marketplace. People can start a small business on Amazon by selling products they wish. You can find a wide range of products on this platform, such as beauty products, skincare products, baby care products, electronics, clothing products, groceries, kitchen items, jewelry, health and personal care items, medicines, musical instruments, gourmet food, and many more. To enjoy all these services in one place, one must register on it first.

Firstly, the users need to create an account on Amazon and then register their devices on the Amazon account. In this write-up, we will discuss how to create an account via, the devices supported by Amazon, and how to register a device on it. Also, we will provide the steps to Prime music on Echo dot.

Devices supported by

In this section, we have provided the devices which are compatible with Here is the list of devices supported by

  • Sony TV

  • Roku TV

  • Xbox One

  • Wii

  • Amazon Fire TV

  • Vizo TV

  • Apple TV

  • Xbox 360

  • Android TV

  • Vizio

  • PS4

  • Blue Ray Players

  • Firestick with Amazon Prime App

Above are the names of devices supported by Continue reading for further information.

Guidelines to create an Amazon account via

Before proceeding with the registration, the users need to create an Amazon account. In this section of the write-up, we have given the instructions to create an Amazon account via

  • Open the web browser.

  • Search for ""

  • Now, the "Sign in" will open.

  • Hit the "Create your account" button given below.

  • After this, you will be required to fill in your details- your name, email.

  • Then, you will be asked to create a password for your Amazon account and re-enter it in the next line.

  • Now, select the "Create your Amazon account" button.

Hence, your Amazon account is successfully created via

Steps to register Amazon device via

To be eligible to use Amazon services, one must register on Amazon. In this section, we have provided the steps to register an Amazon device via

  • Open your device's web page.

  • Now, search for in the search section.

  • Next, the "Sign in" window will appear on the screen.

  • Write your Amazon username and password and select the "Sign in" button.

  • Note: if the users do not have an Amazon account, he/she must create it by following the guidelines given in the above section.

  • Therefore, your Amazon sign-in procedure is done through

  • After the sign-in procedure "Register your device" window will appear on your screen.

  • You will be required to write the code stored on the Amazon device for the further registration process.

  • After that, select the "Continue" button.

  • Now, follow the further instructions displayed on the screen.

  • Lastly, select the "Register Device" button.

  • Therefore, your Amazon device registration is complete.

Guidelines to activate Prime music on Echo dot

  • At first, using the Echo dot app, connect your Echo dot with your phone.

  • Now, open the Echo dot app and log in to your Amazon account.

  • After the login process, go to the "Settings" of Echo Dot.

  • Here, "Link new service" with a "+" sign will be visible on the screen.

  • Select the "+" sign and click on the "Amazon Prime Music."

  • After that, open the "Amazon Prime Music" App to activate it.

  • Now, the activation code will appear on your screen.

  • Save or remember this code.

  • Now, open the web browser, and go to

  • Next, log in to your Amazon account with your username and password.

  • Now, enter the activation code of Echo dot prime music and select the "Continue" button.

  • Hence, your Echo dot is ready to play music from Amazon prime.


In this write-up, we have given the guidelines to create and register an Amazon account via and a list of devices supported by Amazon. Also, we have provided the guidelines to activate Prime Music on Echo Dot.