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How to Attract High End Clients and Sign them Up

without overwhelming yourself, while you actually enjoy life!

Effortlessly attract and enroll soul mate clients

Does that sound like you?

  • Are you struggling to get consistently clients into your coaching business?
  • Are you undercharging your services, not feeling enough and feeling stuck?
  • Are you still trying to figure out the best sales strategy to use in your business?
  • Do you feel that you can't figure out how other coaches charge much more and you charging less can't find coaching clients?
  • Are you afraid to share your authentic message fearing what others may say if you do?
  • Are you working with clients but seem lost to keep bringing clients in?
  • Are you feeling like you're avoiding a lot parts of your business because you not sure?
  • You're not making enough sales to cover your business expenses and at the end of the month you're feeling anxiety and that is affecting the way that you show up?

Imagine if you could feel:

  • Confident enrolling clients and impact your clients' lives
  • More clear about you how to run a successful business that consistently sign up high end clients
  • If you could connect your prospect in a deeper level
  • Confident about creating content that sells and also selling without feeling anxious
  • If you could make your business run generating cash and sales each month without being overwhelm

What will you learn:

  • 3 simple shifts to make running a successful business that enrolls clients continuously
  • How to enroll clients even if you're just starting
  • How to make your clients love all the things you put out on social media (you'll get excited!)
  • Simple techniques to shift your mindset and make you feel aligned to scale your business
  • The best ways to attract your clients and make bank without being salesy or pushy
  • How to successfully enroll clients and have a winning sales conversation
  • Stop being overwhelm and start to enjoy your life and business

This opportunity is calling for you scale your coaching business.


Discover the exact process my clients are using to book out their calendar with discovery calls and enroll high vibe clients each month

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Meet your Host

Hello beautiful! My name is Ana Lira and I work with coaches that are looking for attraction more clients, sign them off and have an impactful and joyful business.

When I first start my business I usually felt overwhelm with the many strategies out there, self doubt if that could work for me and also fear judgement, rejection and even success.

After working on my mindset, getting a mentor I discover how to create a profitable 6 figure business that gives me joy while I impact my clients lives.

Now I'm able to hear paypal and stripe payment notifications without being in front of a computer, I have that while I'm shopping or just chilling! ~

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