Latin I

  • Prentice Hall — interactive activities and quizzes keyed to each chapter of Ecce Romani I

Latin II

Latin III / IV

  • Vocabulary Quizlet — courtesy of Sarah
  • Latin Tutorial — clear and detailed videos explaining specific aspects of Latin grammar
  • Core Vocabulary Quiz — a randomized, multiple-choice quiz covering the 1000 most frequent Latin words
  • Prentice Hall — interactive activities and quizzes keyed to each chapter of Ecce Romani III

AP Latin

  • Course & Exam Descriptionthe official booklet from the College Board
  • Previous Exams free-response questions for each year starting with 2013 along with scoring guidelines and sample responses
  • Vergil's Aeneid
    • DCC Aeneidan online commentary with links to grammar, vocab, media, etc.
    • The Vergil Project — an online text with interactive translation, commentary, and help with forms
    • — practice your scansion of dactylic hexameter using the AP Syllabus set
  • Translations of Vergil's Aeneid:
    • I recommend that you avoid Dryden (though good for a laugh) and Ahl (excellent but dense and hard to read quickly) as well as anyone who translates Vergil into prose (not least because it makes it hard to compare the translation to the Latin)
    • I do recommend, however, the following:
      • A. S. Kline — a free online translation that can also be downloaded for use on an eReader
      • Allen Mandelbaum — the cheapest of the non-free options, it's a little old-fashioned but still perfectly readable
      • Robert Fagles — maybe not the best, but certainly the best known; if you liked his Odyssey, you'll like his Aeneid as well
      • Stanley Lombardo — I haven't read this one, but his translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses is outstanding
      • Robert Fitzgerald — this is what my professors assigned when I was in college, which has to count for something

Encaustic mummy portrait of two brothers. From Faiyum in Egypt. 2nd century CE.