The Latin Club is open to anyone interested in the ancient Roman world, the Latin language, or just Latin class in general. Mr. Dombrowski acts as the faculty advisor of the Latin Club, but the meetings and activities are planned by the club's senators.

When a schedule of meetings has been established for the 2017-2018 school year, it will appear here. To stay up to date, join the Latin Club's Remind by clicking this link (or manually by texting @puella to 81010).

Latin Club Senate for 2018-2019:

  • Emma Vandiver — Consul
  • Suzanna Murawski — Consul
  • Sarah Brown — Praetor Urbana
  • Sydney Rendahl — Praetor Peregrina
  • Jessica Zhong — Aedilis
  • Iustina Banerji — Aedilis

Everyone is welcome to attend Latin Club meetings, but only those who pay dues are considered members of the club. Dues go to pay for the following:

For more information about the Latin Club, read our constitution.

Bronze head of the emperor Augustus. From Meroë in modern Sudan. Early 1st century CE.