Quick SEO Tips to Enhance Conversion Rate

The first thing worth mentioning here is that good SEO doesn’t have to be difficult. As a matter of fact, the difficult SEO oftentimes turns out to be the bad practice. Unfortunately, we have some over smart people in the SEO industry who always like to complicate things even if the path is straight. This is the major reason SEO is being perceived as the difficult process by many people.

Having that said, chasing the algorithms due to the obsession with finding the shortcuts can be avoided. And find the things that always work can be much more beneficial.

So, you can change your approach towards SEO in the following ways.

Focus on low-ranking pages

It may not be good to hear but it’s the truth that creating content has become more difficult than ever. The reason is that the parameters, for any content to be considered ‘good’, have risen to a level at which content creators find it hard to create the content in substantial quantity. If you have time and resources to invest in content creation, surely you should do it but if you have already a website running and it has the pages which are not ranking well, you should work on those pages to get them in the spotlight. Yes, you guessed it right. You will have to modify the content of those pages in order to increase the quality. Creation of new content is always difficult but modifying existing content in order to improve its quality takes less time and resources. So, you can start now by identifying low-ranking pages by using Google Analytics and work on improving the quality.

Focusing on bounce rate

It’s never wise to be worried about the bounce rate of an entire website in general. Furthermore, there are several types of websites which normally have higher bounce rates as compared to other types. What you should really be concerned about is the bounce rate of pages in your website. In the first step, we talked about getting a page to higher rank by modifying the content. This step is associated with the strategy to ensure that people stick to the page.

In Google Analytics, you can view the pages of your website from two angles, i.e. “Bounce Rate” and “% Exit”. You can sort pages in a way that top performing pages are displayed on the top. Then you can focus on pages at the bottom of the list. The bounce rate for blogs may be a bit higher but if ‘% Exit” is also higher along with the bounce rate for any page; it needs to be worked upon.

Driving traffic to the top performing pages

This one is the final step to make your website the powerful resource for your business. It is worth mentioning here that your top-performing pages may not be able to get the traffic they should get. In that scenario, there are some smart ways to direct traffic to those pages with the help of internal linking and redirects.