JEE Main 2020 Details

The JEE Main is the engineering entrance examination which is conducted for the students who want to enroll their name into the different engineering colleges which are based in India. There are around two exams which makes up the whole part. For the JEE Main, the students have to approach for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Both the reviews have their respective objective and a different set of exam pattern as well as the marking scheme. JEE Advanced is one of the internationally challenged exams to be stated and held for the engineering graduates in the whole of India.

Latest Update: JEE Main 2020 Application process available now.

What are the main dates for the JEE Main 2020?

For the JEE Main 2020, here are the main dates.

  1. The JEE Main 2020 registration process has been started from 03 September for the January exam. For the April exam, it will be available from 07 February.
  2. For the release of admit cards, the first date is conducted for 06 December. For the April exam, it will be done for the second week of March.
  3. JEE Main Exam date will be conducted exam is 06 - 11 January. For the next exam, it will be done for the 2nd week of April.

What are the essential tips for the JEE Main 2020?

For the students who are appearing for the JEE Main, they have to get through the syllabus at first. These are advanced and IIT JEE Preparation guides and videos which can help you to ace the exams. Preparing for the JEE Main 2020 is essential for the students and they have to give themselves enough time for the preparation to be over. These are the different topics to be covered for the exams.

  1. The complex number and quadratic equation.
  2. Matrices and determination.
  3. Permutation and combination.
  4. Mathematical selection.
  5. Sequence and series.
  6. Limit, differentiability.
  7. Integral calculus.
  8. Coordinate geometry.
  9. Three-dimensional geometry.
  10. Vector algebra.
  11. Statistics and probability.

For the aptitude exam, here are the details.

  1. Awareness of the people in the surrounding.
  2. Texture and the objects which are related to architecture.
  3. Visualizing the three-dimensional objects from two-dimensional ones.
  4. Visualizing different sides of the three-dimensional objects.
  5. Analytics.
  6. Designing and drawing of the complex structure.

What is the JEE Main question pattern?

  1. The mode of exemption is computer-based since the pen and paper test has been removed.
  2. The duration of the exam is roughly around 3 hours.
  3. The type of questions to appear in the exam is MCQ.
  4. Language of the exam to be chosen by the candidates can be Hindi, English, Gujarati, Daman, etc.
  5. There are three sections of the exam presented.
  6. The marking scheme is four marks for a correct answer and negative mark for a wrong one.
  7. There are around 90 questions for the units. Each unit has about 30 items.


The JEE Main is a crucial exam. Candidates who are appearing for the review have to be extra prepared with their lessons and the scopes for the exam. Good luck to those is looking for the said ones!