7 Effective Tools for Creating Engaging Social Media Content

In order to attract attention to your social media campaigns, the content needs to be unique, engaging, creative, fun, and frequent. Social media is constantly changing, and with new platforms entering the ring what seems like daily, you need to utilize these tools and create content that grabs the eyes of your audience quickly and holds their attention. There is so much noise on social media these days that your content can easily get lost in the shuffle.

Here are 7 effective tools for creating engaging social media content:

1. SlideShare

Perhaps the biggest reason you should be using SlideShare is the fact it is owned by LinkedIn. That means you are already synced to one of the largest social media networks online. Now you have the ability to quickly and easily upload presentations and share them with your audience with the click of a button.

2. Canva

If you have limited design skills, Canva will quickly become your go-to tool because it is simple to use and allows you to create fun graphics for social media posts using simple templates. This platform will allow you to quickly create professional looking brochures, advertisements, and even info-graphics.

3. Magisto

If you need a video editor, then Magisto is a tool you want in your arsenal. Regardless your skill level, Magisto will allow you to create professional sounding and looking videos that allow you to simply utilize the drag-and-drop technology to your advantage. You have nothing to lose because the free version has plenty of features to create compelling content.

4. PlayBuzz

One of the ways that you can stand out while getting your audience to interact with your content is by creating silly little quizzes. The PlayBuzz tool gives you the opportunity to create those quizzes, and provide your audience the chance to share the results with their inner circle by way of share buttons. This is a really fun and simple way to engage with followers while making your brand more appealing as a result. One added benefit is that as your followers take the quiz, by sharing the results it helps to encourage their inner circle to come join the fun, helping to in a sense expand your following in the blink of an eye.

5. Piktochart

If you want to create eye-catching info-graphics with minimal effort, then Pikochart is the tool for you. Now you have the ability to take stats and survey results and utilize 600 templates to develop compelling content. By simplifying the process, you have the opportunity to make some engaging content with unique fonts and designs that are all your own.

6. Visme

Take assorted information and present it in a way that really attracts followers. The Visme tool is effective for making reports, presentations, and info-graphics.

7. Podbean

If you want to really separate yourself from the competition, you need a podcast. This might seem like a daunting task, but thanks to Podbean it could not be any easier. Once you access the PodBean tool you can be creating your own podcasts in minutes without any high-tech software. Those podcasts can now be published to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the click of a mouse.