BIOL 113: Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics (Lecture & Lab; 4 credits)

This course provides an introduction to basic cell structure and function and the genetic basis of inheritance. Topics covered include: basic biochemistry, cell structure and function, metabolism and cellular respiration, genetics and molecular biology. Students are required to prepare individual or group-based oral presentations, using appropriate computer-based technologies. Students will participate in group-based interactive workshops in which they will be expected to inform/persuade/defend viewpoints to fellow students in collaborative discussions. (3 hours lecture, 3 hours laboratory).

BIOL 122: Genetics

Fundamental laws concerning the transmission and interaction of genes. (4 hours lecture).

BIOL 173: Bioinformatics

Large-scale, genome-wide studies produce vast amounts of biological data (e.g., DNA and protein sequences, 3-D structures, and changes in gene expression). The fields of genomics and bioinformatics focus on how these data are stored, accessed, manipulated, and most importantly, on how they are used to answer biological questions. In this course, students will learn how genome-scale data are generated and analyzed using bioinformatics tools and databases. The applications of genome-wide data to fields such as medicine, evolution, molecular biology, and genetics will also be stressed. Groups of students will work on independent projects throughout the semester and will be expected to present the results of their projects orally. (4 hours lecture).