These Items will have to be purchased before you're accepted to the team.

#1: Eye & Face Protection

The MOST IMPORTANT thing in airsoft, no matter who or where you play. You only get two eyes, we care about them and so should you, so protect them! Chipped teeth are expensive too! Whether its a full mask or the less clumsy two piece mask the eye-wear MUST be full seal, we've seen BB's bounce up into normal safety glasses before. While it may be easy to go buy a cheap pair of goggles anywhere its better to spend a little more here so as to prevent fogging and unsafe equipment.

#2: Woodland BDU uniform.

Just a basic BDU uniform in M81 woodland pattern is required. Woodland camo may be old, but its still proven to be one of the most effective camos out there, so that's what we wear. They are relatively easy to find, surplus and thrift stores usually have them for $5-$15 but nicer new sets online only cost around $40-60. They can also be found locally at JF Paintball & airsoft. Some sort of headwear will be needed as well such as patrol cap, boonie, ballcap or helmet.

#3: M4 / AR Platform Rifle

Buy an M4 as your first gun... Period. There's lots of cool guns out there that seem cooler than an M4, and we definitely like them too, but M4's are king in the airsoft world for a reason. The M4 has endless customization, easy to find parts, versatile design & is easy to work on. It also uses a standard mag so ammo sharing is easier and extra mags are cheaper. Many different companies make good M4's, and they also make bad ones. Make sure to talk with people before purchasing to make sure you're not buying a lemon.

Reputable M4 Manufactures include:

  • G&G
  • Classic Army
  • Elite Force
  • Krytac
  • G&P
  • EMG
  • KWA
  • Echo1

#4: Suitable Footwear