"When I was introduced to MDI / "Men's Work", I was on the verge of divorce, and broke. A divorce attorney / friend suggested I come to a meeting before I made any major decisions. I went to a meeting and loved what I saw. So, I went to a second meeting, then a weekend training, and next thing I know, 6 months later, my wife and I were on a much better path, I started a new business and have become pretty successful at it. I'm now going on 4 years and I think that each man owes it to themselves to at least check out a meeting."

  • Cohen

"As I got to know the men on my team and MDI as an organization, I started to let the walls I built around myself go. I began to trust the men in the circle and understand that many of the issues I was dealing with, are issues all (or most) men deal with: I was truly not alone.

And, as I got more involved and excited about the connections I was making, I began to see how being part of a men’s team could lead me to be the man I always wanted to be…"

  • Ytreoy

"I joined MDI nine years (2008) ago, and I have been on a fantastic journey. I have learned to recognize when I act weakly or from insecurity, and I am triggered in the changing my way of being, so that I can be the man I've always wanted to be. As I have been given the opportunity to speak freely due to confidentiality, I have been able to air issues that go on in my life. I've learned that I am not alone and that many men share some of these issues. We are a team, with the common theme of helping each other grow in every area of our lives. This is very therapeutic, yet it's not therapy. This is not for broken men who need to be fixed. It's for all of us that have the ability to be great fathers, husbands and leaders with a place to deal with our imperfections. There is always room for growth, and I have learned to be opened to this growth. Sometimes it is not easy, as I do not like to be called out, but looking good is just me stroking my ego. I have learned to ask for what I want, and demand what I need. We are all equal men with different skills and abilities, and this is the place that I can grow through the joint wisdom of all other men, who participate one time, twice or every week. "

  • Black

"I have been in M.D.I. for 25 years,facing my barriers in life by having men support me, in this endeavor. I am 77 years old and still learning how to become a better man each day of my life.(a work in progress). I now am getting a better understanding of people in my life, and how to support them in a positive way. Knowing always I cannot do it alone."

  • Brason

"I came to an MDI meeting five years ago on a whim just to see what it was all about. I was invited by a man I had never met before but I liked what I heard about this organization. I was positively impacted by attending that meeting and decided to go to more meetings. I ultimately made the decision to join a team because I saw how it was helping me become the man I always wanted to be. My relationship with my wife and daughter became much better. I have learned over time that I can give gifts to Men, not just receive them. I continue to have struggles but I can share them with my team without judgment and they give me their shared wisdom for me to conquer my barriers."

  • Jones

"I joined MDI in 2005. Successfully completed (the) Sterling Men's Weekend in April and successfully completed my point team training as captain of my point team. Completed my legacy discovery weekend in October of the same year. Since then I've completed Landmark Forum and Leadership Training as well as completed as a Captain of a team and twice as a Point Man. I'm am currently a Divisional Growth Manager. MDI has given me great gifts in my life and continues to give to me on a regular basis. I've grown tremendously in my career, in relationships, and love giving the gifts I've learned and experienced to better the lives of the men that I encounter."

  • Schawbb

“MDI enabled me to tap into the wisdom and energy of my team to create the better version of myself. As member of a team, I am part of a circle of men that I can trust. It allowed me to open up and share my deepest feelings and fears. This awareness helps me improve my life in many aspects: emotional, relationship, physical, career and business.”

  • Attia