Empathic interactions in automated vehicles


Welcome to the Workhop on Empathic Interactions in Automated Vehicles ! This workshop will be part of the CHI 2021 conference (initially in Yokohama, Japan, but now fully online).

We believe it is important to investigate the use of emotional conversational agents in the automotive context to build a solid relationship between the driver and the vehicle. In this workshop, we aim at gathering researchers and industry practitioners from different fields of HCI, ML/AI, NLU to brainstorm about affective machine, empathy and conversational agent with a special focus on human-vehicle interaction. Questions like "what would be the specificities of a multimodal and empathetic agent in a car", "how the agent could make the driver aware of the situation" and "how to measure the trust between the user and the autonomous vehicle" will be addressed in this workshop.

Discussion will be focus on:

  • Identification of important information that might (or should) be provided to drivers

  • Identification of affective conversational agents specifications in automotive context

  • Explore and design with participants empathic conversational agents in order to convey information defined above

If you are interested in empathic multimodal interactions, we invite you to participate in our workshop. For more information, go to the page Call for participation

Important points:

  • Workshop date : Friday May 7th, 2021

  • Start time : 15:00 CEST

  • Location: online (on Slack)


15:00 CEST - Introductory session

15:10 CEST - Flash presentations I (1st half of the participants)

15:40 CEST - Context presentation: Automated cars, empathy, multimodality, CA

---- Coffee Break 10 min ----

16:10 CEST - Instruction and presentation of driving scenarios

16:20 CEST - Brainstorming session (with interventions and activities)

16:55 CEST - Flash presentations II (2nd half of the participants)

---- Break 10 min ----

17:35 CEST - Creativity session

18:10 CEST - Presentations and discussions & Report

18:30 CEST - Closing session

Schedule - more details

Pitches - Attendees will have 1-2 minutes each to make a pitch about topics of interests proposed in the margin or the paper they submit to the workshop

Presentation of Driving Scenarios - Several driving scenarios will be presented in order to familiarize participants with the context of autonomous driving.

Brainstorming session - this phase will be about the design of an emphatic human-vehicle interface and the way of measuring emotions, physiological state and trust of the driver. Groups can use the guidelines for automotive conversational user interfaces to structure their ideation

Creativity Session - Based on the ideas that result from the brainstorming session, each group will have to create a prototype or a mockup to answer the problem shown by the driving scenario. It is expected that the prototype/mockup give insights about what and how to convey the information to the driver. To support this phase, tools for sketching and rapid prototyping will be proposed.