News and Updates

New Updates 11/3/2018

A lot going with the Rescue, other Rescuers needed help with kittens. As everyone knows that we are a dog rescue. But when you animals are in need we step up and help them out. The Reservation in South Dakota is in need of help. We have had a few Fosters step up so we could bring in 20 puppies here. That is a lot of puppies.

New Update 02/24/2018

Recently we took two dogs in rough shape. One has a bullet wound in his front leg, his name is Benny. He is all smiles despite what happened to him. We are still in the process of figuring out what is the best option for him, we are just waiting on the swelling to go down. Either way he'll still be a happy fellow. The other dog is coming in starving with her bones showing. Her name is Charlie Girl, she has a fluffy coat which hides the condition she is in. She is having a great time here mostly because she gets to have enough food to fill her up which she hadn't before. We can not wait to see these dogs shine in all of their glory once they get the proper care.

Update 12/30/2017

With this year coming to a close we'd like to look back at just how many dogs found their forever homes. Over 40 dogs found their homes thanks to YOU, the volunteers, and fosters. Thank you for all of your shares, likes, and comments on our Facebook page every one is appreciated very much. If we zero in on December alone we found 15 dogs their families to spend the Holidays with! Here comes another year to rescue more dogs that need help finding their forever homes.

Update! 11/25/2017

We kicked off the Holiday spirit by attending Red Wing's Holiday Stroll! Ajax, our warrior dog, had a great time meeting new people and handing out gifts to some good dogs! We also had quite a few of our rescue dogs find their forever homes in the past week. To see who all got adopted go to our Facebook page:

Update! 11/12/2017

Within this last week the Emotional Rescue received two dogs that were hit by cars, one dog suffers from a broken leg and the other has a broken back. So this week has been very busy with vetting and home rehabilitation. We have a GoFundMe page for Ajax, the dog that has a broken back and paralyzed, to get him some proper vetting and wheels to scoot around with his current and future fur friends.

Update! 5/8/2017

This Friday Emotional Rescue will be getting several dogs in very rough condition. Please keep a watch on our page for who needs fosters, who needs medical attention, and who needs some extra love. Volunteering and fostering is completely free!

Update! 4/24/2017

Our first successful adoption! Logan went to his new home today and is settling in perfect. Please hop to our before and after page to read up on his new family, how things are going, and how happy the family is to have worked with our rescue.

Update! 4/20/2017

Our heartworm dogs went in for their first major treatment. Grace, Phoebe, and Addy all were very strong today so please keep them in your hearts, this treatment can prove deadly to some dogs. We will remain on high alert, so please share our needs for foster on out Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. We can't help anything without the support of many!

Update! 4/5/2017

Emotional Rescue as gotten permission to begin using Pet Finder and adopt a pet! We'll be posting our dogs on there once we assess all their needs and they get settled in their foster homes! Please always check the main site for most current information. We took in five new dogs this weekend and will be posting them as soon as we have them settled as well. Some of these dogs definitely were more on sick side, so please consider sharing us on Facebook and Twitter to help us find loving foster homes.