• Good With Dogs: Yes
  • Good With Cats: Unknown
  • Good With Kids: Yes
  • Kennel Trained: yes
  • Age: Approx. 1 year
  • Adoption Fee: $ 350
  • Fee Includes: Current vaccinations, micro chip, and altered

Jed is an approximately 5 year old Australian Shepherd (I think). He was formerly a ranch dog, and was given up after he was in a farming accident. This is also how he lost his front left leg (and some toes on his right leg!?) He came to me on the evening 8/17 and although we went outside to go potty, he got some forced resting time from his travels.

The first GREAT thing to know about Jed is that he is potty trained!! He is also great on a leash. Very attentive, responsive, and well-mannered. He is super curious, and when I would sit down he wanted to crawl in my lap and get some loving. FROM DAY ONE.

Jed NEEDS decompression time when experiencing transitions. I would encourage any adopter give him time to process changes. It has proven to be so beneficial to him overall! With SLOW introductions, we have learned that he is ok with the puppies, although will leave them when they are being annoying haha. He can get along with my female bloodhound, and my boyfriend's submissive german shepherd. He also blows off the sassy male chihuahua. He struggles with my male golden retriever and male foster lab/pit. I think their size is intimidating to him, so he gets defensive. I do think it comes from what he thinks is his ability to hold is own if he has to, and with those dogs he may not think he could. He/they have continued to warm up, but none of the big boys (except GS Titus) have given me a go ahead signal, so we continue to stay separated and adjust to each other's presence.

Even with the dogs he is comfortable with, he is still showing some signs of resource guarding. He let my bloodhound know that she was NOT allowed to sniff his kennel (where he eats and sleeps), which is still likely a trauma response. And she can be annoying anyway ;).

We took his stitches out this weekend and he healed BEAUTIFULLY. He still experiences some pain from direct contact with the scar but otherwise he seems completely adapted to his new reality of 3 legs. He is still incredibly fast, knows a lot of tricks, and is super smart. He can push a baby gate to the side, sit, stay, lay down, come, kennel, and JUMP! (into passenger seats, and/or the arms of large men ha!) He also does completely fine with an open area, and not running away. He wants to keep an eye on his human. I think he would make an amazing shop dog, farm dog, ranch dog, I also think a GREAT companion for maybe a semi truck driver!?

He is so sweet, cuddly, smart, intelligent, and relatively low maintenance ONCE HE HAS HIS DECOMPRESSION AND SLOW INTROS. :)

Did I miss anything?

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