• Good With Dogs: Yes
  • Good With Cats: Unknown
  • Good With Kids: Yes
  • Kennel Trained: Yes
  • Exercise Needs: Minimal
  • Grooming: Minimal
  • Age:12 years
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Fee Includes: Current vaccinations, micro chip, and altered

Elsie is an old soul, but she still has a lot of pep to her step! Elsie is a 12 year old GSP that I have loved getting to know so far! She has been with us a little over a week and she is such a sweetheart. It is pretty clear that she is hard of hearing, and may be experiencing some loss of sight. However, she is navigating through life pretty well regardless. *I have carried her down the stairs a few times, but I'm not convinced that isn't due to stubbornness-- standby for updates*

A great example of her navigation skills include her ability to run around my two acre (fenced) property. She LOVES the outdoors. I essentially let her run until it's time to go inside, and then we play a fun game of tag, where I have to catch her. 😊

Elsie also loves the kitchen. She has learned that is where treats come from! She will do a little dance for you when she is excited about those treats. The love of Elsie's life, however, is her dog bed. So far, I have moved that bed to the living room, the bedroom, and the kitchen and wherever that bed is- that's where Elsie is.

With the bed, Elsie is truly a professional sleeper. My other (very rude) dogs don't usually let me sleep past 6/6:30. When I went to let them out this weekend, I decided I would let Elsie sleep until it was her turn. I was able to take all 4 out, and feed them without her even blinking an eye. Around 7:30 she opened one eye to almost ask "Do I have to get up?" Obviously, the answer is no, she slept another TWO HOURS before I took her out and fed her. No accidents either!

If you are looking for a super low-key, happy dog, Elsie is your girl. Do you have a loud house? She won't care. Do you like to sleep in? In fact, she'd prefer it. Are you willing to move a dog bed from room to room while you Netflix binge? That meets all of Elsie's requirements.

She has been great with both big dogs, both little dogs, me, and the boyfriend. We are lucky to have this girl in our lives, and anyone else would be too!