• Good With Dogs: Yes
  • Good With Cats: unknown
  • Good With Kids: Yes
  • Kennel Trained: yes
  • Age: Approx. 2 year
  • Adoption Fee: $ 350
  • Fee Includes: Current vaccinations, micro chip, and altered

This is the dog I've been procrastinating to post, because I love him so much. Dan the Man. He is so incredibly sweet and has a ton of character. He hasn't had the easiest life, as shown by the scars on his sides and face. This does not change how much he loves, and how hard he sleeps. :) I've had him for just under three weeks and in that time he has made SO MUCH AMAZING PROGRESS.

Dan is a 2-ish year old lab mix, around 75 pounds. He is completely potty trained, and kennel trained. He is a good eater, and a GREAT sleeper. He snores. :) He is a great communicator and will tell you what he needs. This includes, grumbling, snuggling, necking, and growling if he's unhappy. He is the best snuggler, a great spooner.

When he moved in with us, he lived with Ava (a 1 year old lab, amputee that has already been adopted), Elsie (my senior GSP), Amante (my 1 year old sassy chihuahua), Beulah (my 90 pound, 10 year old bloodhound), and Keiran (my 90 pound male golden retriever). IMPORTANT TO NOTE: he went through a period of rest/shutdown before meeting the other dogs, but now Beulah is his BEST friend. They spend so much time in the yard romping around. We have also added a senior male German Shepherd, three 4/5 week old puppies, another amputee, and another small pup. He has reacted to the German Shepherd, so he can be selective. But with proper dog introductions, supervision and time for adjustment he has come around to the German Shepherd as well! Now they play in the yard together too.

Dan is GREAT on the leash. He has been a wonderful walker without having any interest in dogs or people that pass by. He has done great when we walk 2 dogs, or 4! We will keep you updated haha.

We did take Dan out in public, and that may still be a bit more than he is ready for. However, I am confident that he can adjust as we keep showing him that humans can be ok, and that he can trust me to keep him safe. He does not like being approached by new people out in public, specifically from behind (I mean, does anyone?). We will continue to work together to turn him into the amazing dog he can and will be!

*No promises I won't adopt this one, but this counts as me trying....*