• Good With Dogs: Yes
  • Good With Cats: Yes
  • Good With Kids: Yes
  • Kennel Trained: Yes
  • Exercise Needs: Minimal
  • Grooming: Minimal
  • Age: Approx. 12 weeks
  • Adoption Fee: $400
  • Fee Includes: Current vaccinations, micro chip, and altered

Crow - Born February 10th, this pup was lucky enough not to know what it’s like to be a stray. He came to me at 8 days old with his mama Birdie and the rest of the flock of pups. Crow is a spunky boy full of energy, pizzaz, curiosity, and love. He is beta to his alpha sister Chickadee; together they run the show. This little boy will run to you to say “hi” when you walk into the room, then run away to pounce on one of his siblings, but also will lay in between your legs as if saying, “you are my human; I must protect you.” I have no doubt with the correct training this heeler-aussie would make an AMAZING herding, agility, and obviously, a companion dog.

Like all pups, he will need and benefit from diligent training to become the best dog he has inside of him. As an heeler-aussie mix he will be high energy, want to herd things, and probably weigh over 50 to 60lbs when full grown. He will shed quite a bit. What heeler-aussie mix does’t?

He has been exposed to my 3 dogs on occasion and our barn cats. Most of the cats run, but one very patient kitty has taught his and siblings that cats have claws and hiss. I don’t think the lessons have stuck yet (no injuries have occurred to any parties!)