What does it mean to foster?

By offering to foster for our Rescue, you are opening up your home and heart to an animal in need. Fostering is the biggest job in rescue, as without a place to go we wouldn't be able to pull the dogs we do. All costs are covered by Emotional Rescue, so there is no out of pocket for any of the animals care such as food, treats, leashes, etc. All approved vetting is also covered under our rescue.

Fostering Process:

The first step to our foster process is the application. Once you fill out the foster form, one of our volunteer staff begin's the background check and the reference calling. As soon as we have spoken to each of your references we then reach out to schedule a home visit. There are a couple ways that Emotional Rescue can do those and member of our staff will let you know which option we will use, when we reach out. After your home has been approved we then schedule a meet and greet. The current foster of the dog you're interested in will work with you to find a time for everyone to get together. This process can take up to a week as we are a small rescue who are entirely staffed by volunteers. Thank you so much for choosing to foster with us, the application can be found below!