Emory grits

Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars

About us

Welcome to the GRITS (Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars) website. We are a student-run charter organization of the Graduate Student Council at Emory University. As our name suggests, we are committed to fostering interdisciplinary discussion across graduate programs.

Each semester, we sponsor a "dinner & discussion" series in which graduate students from different departments present their research. The presentations are linked under a common theme to promote interdisciplinary exchange.

GRITS Officers and Advisors 2017-2018


Ashley Prichard (ashley.prichard@emory.edu)

Vice President

Jay Schwartz (j.w.schwartz@emory.edu )


Megan Beney (megan.elizabeth.beney@emory.edu)


Jonny Engelberg (jonathan.engelberg@emory.edu)

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gregory Berns (gberns@emory.edu)