Emory grits

Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars

About us

Welcome to the GRITS (Graduate Research Interdisciplinary Team of Scholars) website. We are a student-run chartered organization of Graduate Students at Emory University. As our name suggests, we are committed to fostering interdisciplinary discussion across graduate programs.

Each semester, we sponsor a "dinner & discussion" series in which graduate students from different departments present their research. The presentations are short 15 minute talks followed by questions from the audience to promote interdisciplinary exchange.

GRITS Officers and Advisors 2018-2019


Ashley Prichard (ashley.prichard@emory.edu)

Vice President

Jay Schwartz (j.w.schwartz@emory.edu )


Megan Beney (megan.elizabeth.beney@emory.edu)


Jonny Engelberg (jonathan.engelberg@emory.edu)

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gregory Berns (gberns@emory.edu)

Most GRITS events are hosted in PAIS room 280, equipped with comfy chairs, a presentation screen with projector, and space to accommodate food.