Welcome To Emmaus

Emmaus (e-MAY-us) was a village about seven miles from Jerusalem. On the Sunday after Jesus died on the cross, two of His disciples were walking there, talking about what they had seen the week before.

As they talked, they looked gloomy. They had seen Jesus betrayed, beaten, and dragged outside the city where He was nailed to a cross.

But while they walked, a stranger arrived, asking them the cause of their gloom. When they told him, He pointed out that all the Scriptures had said that the Christ would suffer and then be glorified.

Then they arrived at the house to which they were going, and they urged the stranger to come in and eat with them. He sat down with them, but suddenly took the bread, broke it for them, and said a prayer. He behaved as if he was the host of the meal instead of a guest. And suddenly their eyes were opened, and they realized who this was, because they had seen Him do this before.

It was Jesus Christ, alive from the dead.

At Emmaus Lutheran Church, Jesus comes and walks with us also. He reveals from the Scripture how by His suffering and His resurrection from the dead He took away our sin and death. He shows His presence in our midst in the breaking of the bread of Holy Communion, giving us His true body and blood in the cup for the forgiveness of our sins. Jesus is in our midst with salvation, not only spiritually, but in flesh and blood.

We invite you to join us in His house!