About me 

I am a von Humboldt fellow working in Munich with Vasco Brattka

Last year, 2022-2023, I was a post-doc at Saarland university working with Laurent Bartholdi. And before that, I was a PhD student working under the supervision of Andrzej Zuk. 

Research interests

I work at the intersection of computability theory and of group theory.

In the study of infinite countable groups, many unsolvable algorithmic problems arise naturally, and computability turns out to be a very good tool to classify the complexity of different classes of groups: some classes are recursively enumerable, while others are not, some have solvable isomorphism problem, while others don’t, and so on.  

I also work with the theory of numberings, which uses computability to build a theory of finite descriptions of infinite objects. In particular I have worked on the notion of "Type 1 computable topological space", the notion of computable topological space that we obtain by working with numberings. 

email: emmanuel.rauzy.14 at normalesup dot org