Emma Dawes, Elementalist

T. Franklin Beck

Welcome to our page for the Emma Dawes, Elementalist urban fantasy series. Below you'll find links to our Facebook page and fan group, links to get Undergrad Elementalist, the first book in the Emma Dawes series, from Amazon, and you can even read a short story written in the same universe to see if you like my writing style!

12-15-17: The book giveaway is finished, with 523 entries and 189 new people adding Undergrad Elementalist to their "Want to read" shelf! I've also finished submitting the audiobook version through ACX, so it should pop up on Audible, Amazon and iTunes very soon!!

Pick up the first book in the Emma Dawes series, Undergrad Elementalist, available now on Amazon in print or Kindle formats:

Get Brenda and the Forest Nymph ,a short story based in the same universe as Undergrad Elementalist, on Amazon Kindle!

Or download a PDF for FREE here:

Brenda and the Forest Nymph (with cover).pdf