Emma Crowley

Antique Jade on Speckled Buff

^ Butterscotch on Speckled Buff

Golden Embers #750 on Terra-cotta

Icelia Porcelain

B-mix with Grogg

Dipped Glazes:

  • wide mug:
    • butterscotch
    • cranberry
    • turquoise
  • Pitcher:
    • Bright Blue
    • cranberry
    • butterscotch

Spoons: Clear glaze on Speckled buff

small bowls: (left to right) Blue-grey, iron, purple all on speckled buff


  • Deep Blue
  • B-mix without Grogg


  • Purple
  • B-mix without Grogg

Sculpted clay, not fired. A little smaller than life size :)


  • Thrown B-mix with Grogg
  • rutile green
  • celadon

Cranberry on B-mix with grogg

Thrown Speckled buff (pre-firing, trimming) Greenware. 10lbs of clay

^ Underglazes and clear