Emin Orhan

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I am, in general, interested in understanding how intelligent behavior (broadly defined) emerges from brain-like computational architectures. I use ideas and tools from deep learning and computational neuroscience to address this question.


Orhan AE, Pitkow X (submitted) Improved memory in recurrent neural networks with non-normal dynamics.

Orhan AE, Ma WJ (2019) A diverse range of factors affect the nature of neural representations underlying short-term memory. Nature Neuroscience, 22, 275–283. [video] [bioRxiv:244707]

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Orhan AE, Pitkow X (2018) Skip connections eliminate singularities. ICLR 2018 [arXiv:1701.09175]

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Orhan AE, Jacobs RA (2014) Are performance limitations in visual short-term memory tasks due to capacity limitations or model mismatch? arXiv:1407.0644

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Orhan AE, Michel MM, Jacobs RA (2010) Visual learning with reliable and unreliable features. Journal of Vision, 10(2):2, 1-15.


Here are some notes I have written over the years:

Cover's function counting theorem | Dirichlet processes | Helmholtz machine | Hopfield model | leaky integrate-and-fire neuron | linear dynamics in Schur modes | locally linear embedding | Isomap algorithm | particle filtering.

Please send me an e-mail if you find any typos, errors, inaccuracies or grave omissions in these notes.


What I've been reading recently (non-fiction):

The Fabric of Reality, David Deutsch

The Emperor's New Mind, Roger Penrose

Quantum Mechanics and Experience, David Albert

The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, Roland Omnes

Some podcasts I like to follow:

In Our Time (BBC 4 Radio)

Ideas (CBC Radio)

BBC Inside Science (BBC 4 Radio)

Sean Carroll's Mindscape

Brain Inspired

Nature podcast

Quanta Magazine podcast