Emily Hoyler

Hi! I'm Emily.

I'm an educator, writer, and learning designer working to transform public education.

I believe that if as educators we provide students with:

  • an opportunity to develop a deep knowledge of and sense of their place- both the human and natural communities that they are part of,
  • experiences that help them understand the interconnectedness of the world, and
  • opportunities to act as citizens and agents of change in order to make positive contributions to their community,

then we are nurturing the development of engaged citizens involved in creating sustainable and democratic communities.

I work as a Professional Development Coordinator with the Tarrant Institute for Innovative Education.

I've created this site to share some of my favorite, go-to resources. I also keep a personal blog, where lately my musing have turned to the climate crisis. www.greenmountainmamas.com/

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  • Licensure
    • Elementary, HQT | Vermont
    • Middle Grades Science | Vermont
    • Middle Grade Social Studies | Vermont
  • Education
    • Ed.M., Administration, Planning & Social Policy, Harvard University
    • B.Sc., Geography, University of Victoria
    • Teacher Licensure, Shady Hill School