Emiliano Casalicchio

Research interests

My main research interests are in the field of large scale distributed computer systems, with a focus on performance, energy consumptions and security. I'm active in the following research area

  • Autonomic computing applied to cloud computing, big data systems and cyber security
  • Cyber security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Performance evaluation and optimization (Performance Engineering)

Research Projects


  • Scalable resource-efficient systems for big data analytics (20140032), KK-Foundation, Sweden
  • UNAVOX - Lot 1. CyberRange, TELEDIFE
  • Cyber 4.0, Industry 4.0 MISE


  • Realization of a research and development project (pre-commercial procurement – feasibility study) on "Cloud for Europe" - Tender number: 5843932 - CUP: C58I13000210006, Lot 1, 2 and 3. Phase I “Design” and Phase II “Prototype Development”
  • CI2C - Critical Infrastructures and Cloud Computing: understanding cross-sectorial criticalities and security practices” (HOME/2013/CIPS/AG/4000005013), awarded by EC DG-HOME
  • SYPCIT: SYstem for prevention and Combat Identity Theft” (HOME/2013/ISEC/FINEC/4000005234), awarded by EC DG-HOME
  • Big Data Security Challenges and Opportunities" ENISA D-COD-15-T21
  • Security requirements for governmental cloud procurement, ENISA D-COD-14-T14
  • Good practice guide for secure deployment of Governmental Clouds (Gov-Cloud) (P/29/12/TCD LOT 2)
  • Design, implementation and exploitation of a Mobile Desktop-as-a-Service service” Project funded by the program “SOSTEGNO AGLI SPIN-OFF DA RICERCA” (Support for research spin-off) - FILAS (Financing, innovation and research in Lazio, Italy)
  • Automated Service Level Provisioning for Cloud-based Applications (Amazon Web Services)
  • MOTIA: MOdeling Tools for Interdependencies Assessment in ICT systems (JLS/2009/CIPS/AG/C18016 EC DG-HOME)
  • MIA: Definition of a methodology for the assessment of mutual interdependencies between ICT and electricity generation / transmission infrastructures, (EC DG-HOME)
  • D-ASAP: Dependable Adaptable Software Architecture for Pervasive computing” funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, PRIN 2007 program
  • CRESCO: Computation Center for Research in Complex Systems, PON 2006