Musically EMIIGRE is just as happy grooving on the dancefloor as exploring dark and moody soundscapes. 

EMIIGRE has many faces and is home to a diverse collection of influences, from David Bowie, Prince, Donna Summer, Visage, Art Of Noise, Prefab Sprout, Scritti Politti, Propaganda, This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Barry Adamson, Colourbox, Goldfrapp to Dusty Springfield....

We hope you find one of the faces you enjoy......


the beginning of the synthesis…….sonic pleasure… auto pleasure…. cosmic pleasure… sonic breakdown…

Lavender marriages (the odour still lingers)

The term lavender marriage dates back from the early 20th century and was used to describe closeted gay stars marriages of convenience to protect their reputations and preserve their careers.  The Hollywood film industry included morality clauses in the actors´ contracts and arranged cover-up marriages to maintain the façade of heterosexuality.  One hundred years later the world has become more tolerant but unfortunately the practice still occurs, and the odour of lavender still lingers. 

We all lie to ourselves first.


Time for some disco action….it´s a glitterbomb for the glitterball people…it´s foreplay with a four-four beat…

Enjoy the aftershocks!

The Testimony of the Transuranics

Welcome to the higher dimensions….back through time and space…


Now for a hit of nostalgia... you call it retro, I call it vintage... you call it throwback, I call it classic... you call it sentimental, I call it tender... you call it dated, (I call it) nostalgia


What lurks in the foreshadows?  What do they allude to?  No omens can escape them. Always hidden from your view.


Never speak with a borrowed voice.


A fusion of art, science, and machine....In binary realms, we seek a hidden code, a digital embrace, where fractals explode.

Dark Place

Feeding the beast, it´s a feral creature of my own creation, feeding the beast, it´s an inner demon of my own formation.

Embrace The Coming Storm (Rise Above)

Rise above the storm, face the tempest, beware of the shadows, don´t leave it to the rest.

Twilight Sighs

Twilight Sighs, adrift on murmurs, giving way to the mothers of midnight.

You Burned So Bright

Never be afraid to put your fragile heart in the hands of another, to expose everything that makes you vulnerable, to be prepared to love without the will to suffer.

Thirteen Winters Have Passed

During the darkest nights we weathered the storms....

Psychodrama (with GJART)

We're reaching out for a lifeline, but the darkness just consumes us, this is our psychodrama, can't you see?