What is Emergence?

Emergence is an inclusive movement dedicated to improving society using science, technology, and creative collaboration. We strive to empower individuals and communities to come together to create a more harmonious governing philosophy that solves local problems with emergent grassroots solutions. Once local communities demonstrate the value of this new style of governance, politicians will be inclined to adopt it or face obsolescence (since we'll have our own solutions). Ideally, our impact would create a forcing function to drive evidence-based decision making in government.

What's the idea?

For hundreds of years, the idea of emergence has been used to describe how multiple parts of a complex system combine to result in a sum that is greater than the parts, e.g. flocks of birds, weather patterns, the stock market, and even the free market. However, the exact details of how nature orders chaos to create harmony have remained out of reach because science doesn't view nature as one interconnected whole--it simply approximates each part of nature independently. That’s what makes emergence different--it’s a holistic scientific theory. However, until recent advances in computer science, emergence has been highly theoretical and hard to prove.

Why does this matter?

Now, with the power of new algorithms and machine learning techniques, we can model and understand emergence like never before, but no one is paying attention. Everyone is so busy with their own tough problems, they didn’t notice we have this incredible new technology that can help solve many of society’s large problems (like poverty, quality education, healthcare, peaceful global relations). All we have to do is collaborate a bit to design the algorithms and convince people to try out the tools. That’s where we need your help--to spread the word about emergence.

What's the plan?

We’re working to make the ideas of emergence useful to the everyday person by designing new tools to support decision making, such as pragmatic principles for harmonious living and interactive apps to inform political and life decisions. For example, imagine an app that analyzed all the variables in your life and helped you make sense of how major decisions will affect your future. We think technology should help people make sense of their life and the world around them by supporting and augmenting human creativity, problem solving, and decision making--not replacing them.

How can I help?

If you are interested in learning more about the Emergence Party, follow our Facebook Page for updates on events and opportunities to contribute. Like, share, and comment on posts to help spread the word--each small action can have a large effect when we all pitch in!

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