Melbourne Glass Replacement

What are the Types of Emergency Glass Replacement

For such a fragile and sometimes unpredictable material, glass is used in a surprising amount of places. From home windows and doors to furniture and even in windscreens for vehicles, glass can be found in almost every functional area of our lives. Of course glass can be laminated, treated and even reinforced to make it stronger – and with current technology, it is now considered to be more durable than ever before.

But that doesn’t mean that it is entirely safe to be around once damage occurs.


As important as it may seem, many people overlook minor cracks and chips in their windscreens; especially if they occur on the outer side of the glass. However, this event does need an emergency replacement – as any impact (such as that from stray stones or even pressure from strong winds) could cause a major issue at any time. In instances where an accident can occur at any moment due to weakness, ensuring the safety of your vehicle should be your top priority; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Windows and external doors

Having a broken window should class as an emergency, as should a damaged pane within an external door, but there are certainly instances when glass repairs can be left for a while. Calling out a technician when the event occurs can give you a better idea of what may or may not be in need of an urgent replacement – and they can advise and even secure glass that is damaged until a more permanent fix can be scheduled.

Having a door with compromised glass could become a security issue, as could a broken window, so be sure to have an expert on the case as soon as possible.


Now, it may not seem like broken furniture could cause an emergency in terms of glass replacement, but there are instances when it does just that. Imagine moving your mother in law’s family heirloom and hearing a dreaded crack. Imagine that she’s due to see the piece in a matter of days. Now imagine that it’s the run up to Christmas… This may well seem like an emergency - and it can be dealt with by an expert.

Consult with an expert in glass replacement before it becomes a major problem!