Ambert ANG

Research Assistant / Outreach Coordinator


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Marine mollusc play a major part in most of my research topics. I started my scientific journey with the privilege to work on the endangered giant clams, conducting experiments to understand how various anthropogenic impacts affect the growth of juvenile giant clams. After graduating, I worked as a research assistant to manage the giant clam hatchery and culture batches of juveniles for restocking on Singapore reefs. More recently, I have been working on recreating the past molluscan community of Singapore reefs through the Holocene.

I am a joint research assistant with the Reef Ecology Lab, NUS, and coordinates most of the outreach programmes under the two laboratories. My specialty is to use craft as my medium for conducting workshops that engages my audience while sharing with them fun facts about our marine biodiversity. I believe that marine science can be fun for everyone!

Research interests

Reef Paleoecology; Molluscan Biology; Giant clam ecology and husbandry; Marine conservation; Science communication