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People don't just come to your Yoga class for Yoga.

They come for your deepest self, not just what you know.

They come for who you are.

~Judith Lassiter

Inclusion Yoga

Inclusion Yoga is a dynamic form of Yoga that embraces all as its main focus the principle of inclusion.

What do we mean by "inclusion"?

Inclusion is the act of including or the state of being included.

Inclusion is recognizing the human being first and foremost. It means seeing the potential in each individual regardless of life challenges. Inclusion is acceptance and potential.

Inclusion is simply about belonging in the deepest sense.

Inclusion lies deep in our hearts. It is a natural state of belonging. Inclusion is offering the opportunity and the possibility. Inclusion is an embracing of all people and all life challenges.

Inclusion, like knowledge, belongs to everyone. It is a birthright.

I BELIEVE that inclusion integrates people and creates a safe and nurturing environment.

I RESPECT the diversity of all individuals, whatever their life challenges.

I EMBRACE everyone, regardless of ability or economic condition.

I TEACH individual self-worth and the value of each personal experience.

I KNOW that Yoga cultivates a state of peace and acceptance.