Embrace the Mind

A Mental Wellness Program at ICEF Public Schools

Embrace the Mind is a school-based mental health program designed by ICEF Public Schools for Black and Latinx students. We are on a mission to bring more voices of color into the creation and vision for a comprehensive mental wellness program. Our vision is to reduce the achievement gap by increasing mental health literacy, reducing mental health stigma, shifting culture within school environments, and equipping students, families, and staff with the tools to build, practice, and maintain their well-being.

Weekly mental health content for students, teachers, and families!

Stay up to date with Embrace the Mind virtual workshops, mindful moment lessons, and events!

At ICEF, we understand that academic achievement and social emotional wellness are inextricably linked! ETM aims to shift the culture of our schools to promote wellness and healing among students, families, and staff.

Short 5-minute meditation exercises for elementary, middle, and high school students!

Embrace the Mind is led by a team of school counselors, art educators, and mental health professionals of color who are trained in trauma-informed approaches. Our Wellness Team works collaboratively to design curricula, workshops, and best practice processes for delivering culturally-attuned mental health support to students at ICEF.

We've compiled a list of resources that teachers/staff, students, and families can access at any time! Resources include in-class daily wellness activities, community circle prompts, community-based mental health services, and our social media platforms which we update frequently with positive affirmations, community events, and wellness resources.


Contact Evan Petillo (epetillo@icefps.org) to get more information on the initiative