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Email Support

How Email Support Works

An Email Support Agent may be a one who receives and answers client inquiries on behalf of the businesses or businesses they work for via email. it's their responsibility to produce quality directions or responses to be able toresolve the customer's issue. they're practiced multitaskers, able to use troubleshooting, technical, communication and typewriting skills all at identical time. they're emphatic, courteous and forever specific a sincere need to assists

How Does Email Support Agents Works?

Email Support Agents take client considerations and respond with straight to the purpose and compact emails. they're tasked to handle multiple inquiries and supply correct answers or applicable resolutions. they're client service execs equipped with extreme multitasking skills who will work on composing emails whereasassessing the case of the client giving correct thought to their level of understanding, technical capabilities, and urgency of the matter. Email support agents square measure sometimes those taking within the email even on the far side workplace hours simply to form positive all queries square measure settled for the day with expertness and proper info to assist customers.

How Much Does an Email Support Agent Cost?

The cost of hiring AN Email Support Agent depends on the agreement of the shopper and also the agent. For individual contractors, the sometimes charge by the hour. firms like STAFFVIRTUAL typically charge a flat fee per month. different factors which will have an effect on their rates area unit their expertise within the job, academicattainment, and the way they feel regarding the work itself.