Based on my lengthy and successful experience in TEFL, I have prepared a practical TEFL course for EFL teachers delivered periodically to them in series via email. You may as well consider it as the start of your TEFL journey being assured that it will help you go to the next step in your TEFL career.

The main aim of this course is to introduce you to the main knowledge needed to take your first step in the world of TEFL. It’s an introduction which will encourage you to learn more. To achieve this aim, I have made this course as practical as possible. In addition to including a necessary small amount of theory, I have included practical insights, advice, and tips on how to perform well as an EFL teacher in the classroom.

This course is FREE for my blog subscribers. You can subscribe from HERE to receive this course periodically from 18th August 2019 and for four weeks. In addition, after you finish each section of the course, you are kindly asked to inform me in order to send you the assessment tools that ensure that you have absorbed the necessary knowledge and achieved the main objectives of the course.

Again, everything is FREE. All that you should do is “Subscribing to My Blog” from HERE and waiting for the first session on 18th August 2019

Enjoy Your Learning