Elk Lake Sculling Adventure 2020

The ELSA is a omnium race with 4 distances and is the forth and last on-water challenge of the VCRC 'Plan C' Regatta Season.

Date: Saturday August 22 - Sunday August 23

Registration: All juniors are automatically entered into this event. Carefully read through these pages, and if you can't participate please go to the Unregistration page and unregister as soon as possible.

Deadline for unregistration is Monday August 17 at noon.

Deadline for adult registrations is Monday August 17 at noon.

Costs: None! Covered by your program fees and the good will of the volunteers.

Participants: VCRC Juniors and adults

Fleets and Pods: If possible, all the participants will be competing during their regular training times with their regular training group. Open session will allow for uncoached members to participate. Adults may be added to the junior flights with their own launching and docking time slot depending on boat availability and # of registration. See the Draw/Results and Boat (allocation) page for details.


  • Monday, August 17 at 12pm: (Un)registration deadline

  • Thursday, August 20 at 8pm: Mandatory orientation (zoom) meeting

  • Saturday August 8th - Sunday August 9th: Racing. For more details on the dates, times, fleets, boat allocation and seating see the Draw/Boat (allocation) page (no need to look before the registration deadline we will update this page after August 17 at noon and before the mandatory orientation meeting).

Race Format: See the (Race) Format page for more details on the omnium format.

Course Map: Check the Map Page to see more details on the race courses.

Draw and Results: Each fleet will conduct their own competition. The first rabbit to cross the finish line or the last rabbit to get caught by the hound is the fleet winner. See the Results page for more details.


The winner gets an 11' long rowing oar out of zinc.

(and if you ask why it says 'Zurick' on it you will have to return it)


  • No spectators at the boathouse. Eagle beach and the path allong the highway are good places to watch from (assuming we can race in the pond).

  • No coaching. Coaches act as umpires, facilitators and organizers.

  • VCRC racing unisuit is encouraged but not mandatory.

Plan C Regatta Season: The following 4 internal club races give VRCR members a chance to socialize and gain some racing experience within their normal training environment:

If you have any questions and/or concerns please contact coach Katie (via slack or email vcrcjuniors@gmail.com )

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