Elmar Unnsteinsson

I am a Lecturer/Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Philosophy. I am also the Principal Investigator of two research projects funded by the The Icelandic Research Fund, The Confused Intentions Project and Insincerity for Fragmented Minds, both based at UCD and University of Iceland, where I have a part-time position as a Research Scholar.

I did my PhD at the CUNY Graduate Center in New York City and I work on philosophy of language and mind. Sometimes I write about the history of analytic philosophy. I'm currently working on a book about reference.

Download my CV by clicking here. And this is my email.

My last name is a patronym, so, it’s not really a name. But we can pretend.


Talking About (book)
Oxford University Press (forthcoming)

Compositionality and Expressive Power: Comments on Pietroski
Croatian Journal of Philosophy (2020) [philpapers, doi]

Review of Meanings as Species, by Mark Richard
Mind (forthcoming) [philpapers, doi]

Frege’s Puzzle is About Identity After All
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (2019) [philpapers, doi]

Silencing without Convention
Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2019) [philpapers, doi]

The Edenic Theory of Reference
Inquiry (2019) [philpapers, doi]

Referential Intentions: A Response to Buchanan and Peet
Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2018) [philpapers, doi]

Wittgenstein’s Influence on Austin’s Philosophy of Language
(with Daniel W. Harris)
British Journal for the History of Philosophy (2018) [philpapers, doi]