Red Group

They are learning the basic foundations of swimming. Swimmers are developing their breathing technique how to kick properly and get those lines straight. Once they have mastered the correct breathing style, they move on to our Bronze Group.

Bronze Group Ages 4-12

At this level, we are gearing up to work on everything. The Breathing technique is mastered, kick is straight and we are secure in the water. We learn about circle swimming, (how to share the lane), flip turns, racing starts, and how to use the clock,etc. All strokes are now introduced and we develop these until they are mastered.

Silver Development Groups

The Silver Fundamental team main focus is developing the legal individual medley. (IM). They may have mastered most of their strokes but need some development in parts of their IM. All skills are learned including turns and dives.

High School Age Group

All levels of swimmers are encouraged to join this group as we are working on stroke techniques, building endurance and having fun.. All skills are learned including turns and dives.

Register for this group by contacting Coach Candy.