Age Group

Age Group swimmers with Olympic Swimmer Jason Lezak

Ellis Aquatics Age Group Program

Our age group program is made up of athletes 8 to 14 years old. This group was previously called the Silver, Blue, and Gold groups. Athletes in the age group program must be legal in all four strokes.

Our goal as coaches is develop happy, healthy age group swimmers who love the sport and understand that success comes from hard work and dedication. We work to teach our swimmers the importance of personal responsibility and how to be a leader from a young age.

Most importantly, our age group swimmers are the future of competitive swimming in the central valley and are taught to act as representatives of the program and of the sport.

Age Group Elite

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Our goal for the Elite program is to help develop these swimmers into the future leaders of our program. This season we are starting our 9 and under and 9-12 Elite practice groups. With success we will be creating a 13-14 Elite group for our swimmers in 2019, and a Senior Elite program for our HS swimmers in 2020.

The training format for the group is adapted from research done by USA Swimming, ASCA, as well as with input from top USA Clubs and college coaches and was used while Coach Pat was head age group coach for Ellis Aquatics previously. As coaches can not stress attendance enough. Both in meets and in practice. For swimmers to be successful in the sport they must strike a balance between school, family, training, and meets. If swimmers aren’t regularly attending meets then they lose focus quickly. The example I use often is “How hard would you study for a class when you know you can skip all the tests?”. When we see swimmers attending only one or two meets a year we almost always start to run into problems with plateaus and burn out.

We've seen an amazing change in our swimmers since the establishment of this group. Swimmers that dreaded going to meets are now asking about attending more and more. They love swimming with their friends and racing together.

Age Group Gold

Our age group Gold program is for our swimmers who regularly attend meets but can not meet the practice requirements necessary for our elite program. Swimmers work on developing their skills as IM swimmers while working to qualify for the Junior Olympics and other local Championship meets.

Age Group Silver

The Age Group Silver program is our first level competition group. These swimmers are working to be legal in all four strokes and have begun competing at local Age Group and Summer league meets.

Required Equipment

  • Goggles
  • Kickboard
  • Fins
  • Snorkel (12+up)
  • Paddles (11+up)