Practice Groups

Fundamentals Program

Red Team

Our fundamentals team is our introductory group. Learning the basic foundations of swimming and water safety. Muscles and cardiovascular systems are being developed. The breathing technique is mastered; kicking is straight and swimmer is secure in the water. Most new swimmers start with the Fundamentals program before progressing on to our Bronze Level Group. While competition is not required at this level, we do encourage that once they are comfortable to compete to do so. This sets the pace for them to understand goals and achieve them.

Bronze Teams

Learning competitive strokes and skills. As the swimmers starts using different muscle groups in learning other strokes,they become stronger. Their muscles and cardiovascular systems are being challenged and,in turn,the swimmers become safer in the water. All Strokes are learned in this group as swimmer language is also being taught. They compete at USA Age Group Open Swim Meets throughout the year.

Competition Program

Age Group Teams

Learning drills,using clocks and developing a stronger stroke rate with efficiency,the swimmer now is legal in all strokes.Open turns, starts & finishes are fine tuned.This swimmer is focused on new competitions while pushing their limits & having fun. They compete at USA Age Group Open Swim Meets throughout the year.

Elite Teams

Learning new drills,using clocks & developing a stronger stroke rate with efficiency,swimmer is legal in all strokes&have archived most of their Pacific "A" times in their events.Regular practice is encouraged as it helps necessary conditioning. They regularly compete at USA Age Group Open Swim Meets throughout the year.

Senior Team

Our senior team is our group of athletes 13 years and older. These athletes are proficient in all four strokes and have achieved the equivalent of their age groups JO, PRT or Sections times. They regularly compete at USA Senior Swim Meets throughout the year.

Elite Competition Program

Youth Elite

Our youth Elite program is open to all 9 and under swimmers on the team who are regularly attending meets and practice. These swimmers must also have a legal time in all four strokes at a USA Swim meet. This group trains with a focus around swim meets and getting them ready to enter the Age Group Elite program when the swimmer turns either 9 or 10 years old. For more questions about this group, speak with your coach.

Age Group Elite

Our goal for the Elite program is to help develop these swimmers into the future leaders of our program. This season we are starting our 9-12 Elite practice group. In order to join this group swimmers must maintain 80% attendance, attend nine scheduled team meets a year, and have USA B times in multiple events.

The training format for the group is adapted from research done by USA Swimming, ASCA, as well as with input from top USA Clubs and college coaches and was used while I was head age group coach for Ellis Aquatics. As a coach I can not stress attendance enough. Both in meets and in practice. Swimming is a racing sport. And when kids aren't given the chance to race, or go to meets with their friends, it can become boring very quickly. Our age group elite swimmers love going to meets because they know their friends are going to be there.

For more information, contact coach Pat Windschitl.

Pre-Senior Elite (starting fall 2019)

Senior Elite (starting fall 2020)

Masters Program

Our Masters is lead by Head Coach Dave Breitenbucher. The program provides you with learn to swim, swim for Health, competition swimming, triathlon training and open water swim training options. Practices are geared for your needs and we are proud to have a growing group of adult swimmers at all levels and abilities.