2019 Spring Recap

This was an amazing season for our competition groups. We’ve worked very hard & improved in so many ways. We saw a huge increase in group attendance, meet attendance, and for our swimmers some huge drops in times. As a club we train around three, four month seasons and we’ve just finishing spring season and getting ready for the upcoming summer season!

New Team Records

This season we had 10 team records break in the 14 and under division. Four in the 10 year old boys group, now set by Jordan Estimo, and 6 in the 11 year old boy group, now set by Dereck Nguy! Way to go boys!

So it's crazy to think that Dereck just started swimming about two years ago (his mom showed me his diving videos from his lessons two summers ago, and wow... He's made some progress!). Dereck is one that really demonstrates the importance of both regular practice and meet attendance as a way to keep our athletes motivated and improving! I looked it up and Dereck's first 50 free with us two years ago was 45 seconds! A year later he dropped it down to 29, and now in spring 2019 he's going 26's! He's gone from swimming about 1 yard per second to 2 yards a second in just two years! Wow.

Our swimmers that do the best in both the short term and the long term are those that attend about 1-2 meets a month. This gives them a goal for their training and helps them see where they need to improve. If practice is just that, practice, then the meets are our test days. These days really show what our kids can do and shows coaches what the athletes need to work on. While we can quiz, quiz, quiz in practice, nothing is like the real test!

Male 10 years old

50 free 28.59 Estimo, Jordan 1/26/2019 2019 PC ZONE 2 Championships

100 free 1:03.41 Estimo, Jordan 2/23/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

200 free 2:21.10 Estimo, Jordan 2/23/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

500 free 6:19.57 Estimo, Jordan 2/23/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

Male 11 years old

50 free 27.45 Nguy, Dereck 1/12/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

200 free 2:21.91 Nguy, Dereck 10/20/2018 Pumpkin meet 2018

500 free 6:35.86 Nguy, Dereck 9/22/2018 2018 PC EA "Penguin Plunge

50 back 31.93 Nguy, Dereck 1/12/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

100 back 1:12.29 Nguy, Dereck 1/12/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

50 fly 31.33 Nguy, Dereck 1/12/2019 2019 PC TIGR C/B/BB+

On the importance of Progress

While our younger ones have been doing awesome and improving so much, it's important to remember our end goal is to develop strong, competitive athletes that are ready for collegiate challenges, and not just be the best 10 year old out there.

Our primary goal is to develop efficient swimmers who maintain a life time passion for the sport. One of our largest sources of pride is the amount of coaches we churn out who end up running their own programs or coming back here to coach. It doesn't matter how many races you win at age 10, if you aren't building up those skills to help you at 18.

USA Swimming is all about data. They noted that of the Top 100 girls in the 10 and under group, only about 6% make it into the Top 100 by the time they are 17. This is something our little guys have trouble understanding but we see it time and time again.

One swimmer who demonstrates this is Esteban Perez Del Rio, one of our alumni swimmers who is now in his second season at Las Positas Junior College.

Esteban started with us at 12 years old in 2012. His older sisters wanted to swim and he was dragged along, like many younger brothers. He started off rough that season (41.67 in the 50 free at his first meet), but continued working hard and dropped that to a 33.40 5 months later. Both of these cuts are labeled "slower than a B" for his age group. A year later he picked up his B but and broke 30 for the first time, and by high school he earned his first A cut. While this is a huge accomplishment, it can also be hard to deal with being beaten by 10 year old girls as a 13 year old boy. But Esteban continued to be positive and work!

For Esteban, a lot of things didn't really click until the fall of his Senior year. But once that happened he really started to take off. Suddenly he started picking up Sectionals cuts and really began growing into a dominant swimmer. He wasn't sure about college swimming but gave Junior College swimming a try. At Las Positas he continued to improve and is now their top freestyle sprinter, winning their invites and making it to State in his events.

At the start of April the University of Las Vegas coach (a division 1 program) was on our pool deck scouting out some of our senior athletes with Coach Clay. He mentioned he was incredibly interested in Esteban and asked what he could do to get him onto his program. And we as coaches, couldn't be more proud.

We all develop at different times. Some kids start off strong but then burn out when they start to plateau. I know as we've dealt with it with some of our High School swimmers sophomore slumps. But the great thing about swimming is that our progress is based on what we want to accomplish. The harder we work as athletes, the greater the rewards. And everyone can find a place to swim in college, and keep the sport going for life.