Coaches Reports

"You get the best effort from others not by lighting a fire beneath them, but by building a fire within." - Bob Nelson

Our goal as coaches is to help build those that will continue on with our vision. We work to build leaders, to build workers, and to show every athlete that they can be successful through hard work and dedication on and off the pool deck.

Your Coaching Staff:

Clay Basepayne, Candy Windschitl, Patrick Windschitl

January 2017


Clay and I loved watching the energy from the December meet go into the Cal Berkeley Invitational! We saw some amazing swims over the weekend and have to give a shout out to how well our Relays Swimmers did.

This was one of the first times our Gold Sites got to swim combined outside of a championship meet and we did amazing! Our A and B relays took first and second in the 200 Free, and 1st and 4th in the 400 Medley to start the meet, and did amazing the second day as well!

We finished the month with a team outing to the Stanford vs USC swim meet. The coaches loved seeing our girls team fan girl out over watching Stanford's Olympians like Neil, Manuel, and Ledecky race. We will be starting off February with a return trip to watch the men's teams. Look for the announcement on remind!

  • Your coaching Staff: Pat Windschitl and Clay Basepayne.

Age Group

Starting in February we will be putting a hold on age group Saturday morning practices. Instead we will be switching them to specific, one hour clinics. For example, a clinic may focus on just diving, or just the backstroke flip turn, or how to do a crossover turn in the IM. We hope that this helps bring out more of our age group swimmers.

Expect to see more information on the website in the next few days.

Let's Go Penguins!

Your Coaching Staff: Candy, Jacob, Jason, Johnny, and Julie

December 2016


Coach Clay and I both agree that we are coming off one of our best winter training months in years. We are loving the amount of energy we are seeing in practice and the effort that our seniors swimmers are working hard to produce each day. Now it's time to ramp it up and get ready for the high school season!

Congratulations to West High Sr. Roy Nehoran for getting accepted to Stanford!

Age Group

It has been a cold and wet month! We are incredibly proud of how well our penguin team has been doing throughout this cold month. Way to set the standard!

As we move through the championship phase we can't wait to get back into training in January! See you guys at the pool!