Elliot Porter

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May 4th, 2002

Changed slightly for privacy.

Contact Stance


General Reformist


I'm a child sexual abuse prevention advocate and an anti-contact pedophile. I fight against stigma, bigotry, and other ideologies that enable abuse while educating others about prevention and sharing mental health resources for those who need support. We all have a role to play in making the world safer for children and marginalized groups, and I work to bring people together to make that dream a reality.


Matrix ID


Discord Username


These are the best ways to reach me, but you can also DM me on social media.



A collection of support groups, therapist referrals, self-help tools, and other resources for MAPs in need of support.

Prostasia Foundation

Developed and implemented a new strategy to prevent people from viewing CSAM and redirect them to support.


Supporting a researcher who was placed on leave after misinformation about their work was spread online.

You can find my writing here.


Donations help fund my activism and allow me to spend more time working on projects that benefit MAPs.



DM Policy

I accept DMs from anyone in need of support or who wants to ask questions about my experiences and activism.

Explain why you are reaching out if you want a reply. I will not respond to unexplained emojis or Discord waves.

If I know you from another platform, please tell me that.

If I don't respond after a few days, it may help to explain why you are reaching out, as I ignore messages that I suspect are from trolls.

Block Policy

In addition to blocking people who I feel uncomfortable interacting with, I preemptively block bigots, sometimes using blockchains. I also block people who block me.

I may also use temporary blocks if I'm being spammed or feeling overwhelmed.

In general, if I block you on one platform, I would prefer not to interact with you on other platforms.

If you would like to know why you were blocked or want me to reconsider a block, you can reach out using the contact information above.