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Research interests

My research interests lie in the economics of education, health care economics, labor economics, and the economics of crime. Within each of these areas, I am also particularly interested in the applications of behavioral economics. Some of my current independent projects include stop and frisk policies in Washington, DC and the determinants of juvenile crime in Washington, DC.

current work

I currently work as a research assistant to Dr. Elizabeth Setren at Tufts University, Dr. Jessica Van Parys, at the NBER and Hunter College, and Dr. Jennifer Doleac at Texas A&M and The Justice Tech Lab. With Professor Setren, I assist with an expansive evaluation of the METCO school desegregation program in Massachusetts. With Professor Van Parys, I work on projects relating to health information and healthcare consumption choices. With Professor Doleac, I work on projects relating to crime and discrimination.


I completed my Bachelors of Science at American University in Economics in May 2018. I assisted Seth Gershenson, Jennifer Steele, and Alex Mislin with research during my time at AU.

Some of the projects I helped with include a report for Google that looks at unconscious bias in K-12 STEM education, the effects of civic unrest in Ferguson, MO on student achievement and attendance, trust and transgressions in negotiations, and teacher leadership programs in Camden, NJ.

I worked with Thomas Husted to prepare a course on local public finance with applications to education. It ran for the first time in spring 2018, and here's the syllabus.

personal interests

Outside of work, I'm a dog mom to Mabel and an avid baker. You can usually find me looking for the best cappuccino in Boston, at the dog park, or in the cookbook section of a bookstore.

You can find me tweeting about baking and economic research here: @ENPancotti

contact information

I use email as a form of procrastination and can be reached at elizabethpancotti@gmail.com