Do you have an idea for an Elite Academy?

It has never been easier to get started. Dr. Darren Cannell will hold your hand through the whole process.

The elite academy is a designed system application which allows experts to easily set up cycles and sessions. The system advertises, sells tickets, offers information sharing center, communication hubs, insurance and allows the experts to focus on the session content.

System Modules (Total cost of the system is 22 percent.)

  • Elite Academy Focus Website and Logo design (2 percent)
  • Social Media Advertising (3 percent)
  • Academy Clothing (2 percent)
  • Ticket System (3 percent)
  • Password protected participant area (12 percent total)
    • Learning Management System (2 percent)
    • Participant Badge System (2 percent)
    • Photo sharing application (2 percent)
    • Video analysis application (2 percent)
    • Session review application (2 percent)
    • Participant insurance (2 percent)

If you are interested in starting an Elite Academy contact me and we will meet: