You inherited a house, but it has a minor demon problem...

Easy Guide to Escape Hell

Dagon Gunthersson—a powerful demon warrior and a renowned member of Hell’s nobility—stands accused of treason by his commander. His abrupt escape leads him to the last place he expects: the human world. Stuck in a decrepit manor haunted by lesser demons, Dagon masterminds a plan to return to Hell and take his revenge.

Josephine Gardiner’s sheltered life vanishes the moment she escapes her controlling parents. When she’s offered the opportunity to claim a mysterious manor, no heaping trash, nor the looming threat of eviction will stop her from building the home she’s always dreamt of. But the ghastly creatures scurrying in the shadows might.

While Heaven and Hell gamble with war, the manor inhabitants stand against greedy lawyers, hostile angels, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Can an arrogant demon and a strong-headed woman stop pretending they don’t care about each other and save the only home they’ve ever loved?

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Comments for Easy Guide to Escape Hell

"Do not expect demons and angels in this story to be very cliché, as every character should be approached with an open mind. It's not your typical good vs. evil story, but it IS a story about those who want to do good and those who think they are doing good by doing bad. Overall, I enjoyed this unique story! I can't think of any other like it!"

-Goodreads review.

"Elisa Menz cared. Very much. She cared about the characters, the plot, the world-building, and the themes, putting together a coherent and clever text that didn't reveal the big secret on page ten. The text tells of the darker sides of life. It depicts exciting worlds, as well as humor and love, and Elisa knew how to insert these to lighten the mood and give depth to the story and its characters."

-Goodreads review.

"This book is part romcom, pnr, and part epic fantasy. It was a really unique experience, but a fun one, laced with humor and clever interactions and musings. This story was a delight. I loved the banter and debates between Josephine and Dagon, and how they challenged each other as well as complimented each other. This was a great book, excited to see more like it."

-Duckie Mack, author of The Love Bank Romance.

"Elisa has the amazing ability to write characters that resonate with the readers, as well as building a world that immerses you, and a story that sticks with you long after the final word has been read. One thing I love more than anything is the little things, the small sprinkles of details we get that make the characters all the more enjoyable."

-J.M. Johnson, author of Khaos Trilogy.

"I'm partial to love stories that have more than just a relationship to conquer. This one met all my hit points. Character growth, moody love interests, quirky supporting characters, fantastic world-building, intrigue, spice, friendships, strong female leads, new twists on already well-known characters, and a plot bigger than just the growing relationship between the main characters."

 -Jillian Bondarchuk, author of The Grey Tower Chronicles.

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