Esse Est Percipi

I would like to thank my friends and family for all of the support that they have given me over the years. My parents have done all that they could to provide a solid emotional and physical foundation to face the world. To my brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, and myriad cousins: thank you all for your kinship and sage advice.

Thanks to my wife for being my partner and going on all of these quests with me. She taught me about Panta Rhei and for that I am eternally grateful.

To my closest childhood allies: Jason, Austin, Chris, Josh, Nathan, Andy, and Kurtis, words cannot express the amount of fun I have had with all of you. Those memories will always be treasured.

To my first true mentors, the Davidsons, I will always owe them for helping me to be curious and learn how to learn. With them I learned so much about culture and social groups without which I would certainly be more awkward and socially inept than I am today.

My favorite teacher of all time, Sue G. who taught me that it is okay to be me whenever I figure out what that means. She showed me that teachers and learning can be fun.

To my college professors and instructors Dr. Wadley, Dr. Pease, Dr. Brown, Cai Laoshi, Janet Cowal, Lynn Santelmann, Barbara Pijan, and Regina Weaver, from all of these wonderful instructors I learned a world of knowledge on so many things. I learned how language and society impact one another, I learned patience and perseverance, and I also learned how hard it is to be a teacher.

All of the other amazing people that have become friends along the way: Ken, T1000 Matt, Matt & Julie, Matt J., Martha and Vivian, Richard, Willow, Angie & Danny, James & Stephie, Jerry, Jay, James & Chelsea, Andrew K., Arthur & Chie, Ryan, Elene, Mandia, Patty, Carly, Ian, Tim & Molly, Daniel, Julia & Eddie, Rosa, Rob, Carol G., Lewis, Kate, Nick, Sharon, Cassidy, Paula, Stacey, Gaurang, Rado, Boison, and so many more...

Thanks to you all! It takes a village and then some.